Keep Your Fitness In Check With These Tips

Starting to work on your fitness is exciting and healthy, but at times we can get off track. There are a lot of reasons for it, of which not having a clue where to proceed and motivational loss are a few major ones. Without being consistent with the workout, the results will not be how you want them to be. Before everything else congratulations to you for starting on a journey towards better health and fitness. Get your workout shirts and shorts ready because we are going to tell you some tips. Follow them and you can easily keep progressing on your fitness journey. 

Daily Workout

Keeping your workout routine consistent is important if you want results. Here are some things you should know beforehand. Limit your workout to an hour maximum, do not focus on just the cardio but include weight training into the routine as well. Bring some joy into your workout or do the workout you are interested in. choose the workout and workout routine according to your goals. Be smart when choosing the workout. 

In the beginning, don’t lift heavy weights, keep your form perfect, once you are ready gradually increase the pace and weights. Do not forget to do warmup and cooldown exercises too. Have a spotter if you need help with weights. Listen to your body and go see a doctor if any pain continues even after a day or two of rest. Do not push through the pain during workouts, instead, stop there and rest. Continue if you feel well otherwise it is better to call it a day. 

Learn From The Mistakes

The best way to avoid mistakes in the future is to learn from past mistakes and try not to let that happen again. For instance, if you are losing the motivation to go to the gym, daily ask yourself. Why did you start? How much time have you invested? Would it be wise to stop now? See your progress. Start doing things that you love and avoid those which cause demotivation. Make a list of pros and cons if that is what it takes. Once you know working out is important it is time to get your workout shorts and tank top on and get going. 

Keeping Track

Keeping track of sets, weights, and reps you are doing is a great way to keep the progress in check. Keeping track of the distance covered in a specific time is how you can track the progress in case of cardio workout. Another way is to notice how your old clothes fit you and the toned body. Now to keep yourself on track, remind yourself of the progress made, and when can you achieve the next goal. Do the exercise that makes you happy and engaged.

Setting Goals 

Trying to achieve more in less time than you can, will put you off and end in disaster. Thus, it is important to set realistic and achievable long-term and short-term goals. If you cannot achieve them in set time, see what the problem is and work to solve it. Reschedule and go a little easier this time. Avoid vague goals like losing weight or running half a marathon. 

Set smaller goals that will lead you the way towards long term goals. Divide it into steps and follow them. Some are specific like losing 55lbs in a week and getting a toned beach-ready body in 6 months. This way you will be making real progress towards the goal instead of circling around in a loop. 

Follow The Diet Plan

Diet is about half the effort you have to make. Making effort in the right direction and following a specific personalized diet plan will help you achieve the goals fast. Not just that but a healthy diet also ensures good health. Lack of required nutrients will make you weak and result in the opposite of what you wanted to achieve. Carbs, protein, and fiber with other vitamins and minerals are must-have. Eating on time and a healthy clean diet is important. Divide the calories needed into different meals and snacks, finish eating at least an hour before the workout, and eat within the workout. Increase the pre-workout carbs and post-workout protein. 

Get rest and recovery time

It is important for all of us to get 6 to 8 hours of good sleep. It will help the body recover, refuel itself, refresh to keep on going, and maintain better health. Sleeping is important and must either work out or not.

A power sleep of 20 to 30 minutes before the workout will increase your performance. Be done with your workout an hour or two before the bed. This will get adrenalin low by bedtime and help you sleep better. 

Bottom Line

Having a support system will help you stay motivated and go a long way. Get a friend, partner, or colleague to work out with you. This way both of you would have a support and spotter. Do not blame yourself for slow progress or setbacks, even if you are. Try not to do it again and keep on progressing forward. Stay positive, have fun, do what you enjoy and you will be good. Things like sports, martial arts, dancing, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling etc. are means of workout too.

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